Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicers

This review on  Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicers is a detailed buying guide of a tool that saves you from a long day of slicing, grating, and even shredding vegetables. This simple tool cuts your prep time to the lowest minimum when making slaws, french fries, and more.

However, buying the Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicers guarantees you get all you will be needing from a slicer at a single purchase. Rather than buying more than one of these tools if you have a varying slicing thickness need.

The adjustable mandoline slicer is an everyday work tool for chefs. However, beginners or non-professional chefs can produce a heap of uniform potatoes or apple slices or even pounds of match stick potatoes getting the same result as a chef with this tremendous versatile tool that guarantees speed and uniformity in slicing, shredding, and even grating.

Choose the right blade; in seconds, a carrot will transform into silky ribbons for a salad, Brussels sprouts into shreds for a stir-fry, and lemon into virtually transparent slices for a cocktail garnish and a lot more satisfaction. 

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Desiring to buy a Mandoline slicer leaves one with tones of options from different brands, thereby getting one confused in getting a slicer that guarantees, safety, efficiency, and durability.

These factors guided our research in listing out things you should look out for in making your decision on a particular Mandoline Slicer. See what to look out for in choosing the Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicers below;

SAFETY GUARD: Mandoline coming in handy can guarantee easy and fast results. However, can be a recipe for disaster. To avert the tendency of any form of danger in using a Mandoline Slicer resulting in a deep cut put into consideration a mandoline slicer with a cutting guard.

This cutting guard grips the food or vegetable during the process of cutting or slicing, ensuring your hands are being protected from the blades and still guarantees an optimum output.

BLADE STRENGHT: the strength of your blade is a good factor to consider. However, blades made from ceramics and stainless steel are durable, resistant to rust, and as well sharp but for this review, we recommend Mandoline with ceramic blades as they are far stronger and durable than their steel counterpart.

So, any blade made from ceramic is good enough to serve your purposeful need for the best adjustable mandoline slicers.


BLADE SHAPE: The shape of your mandoline blade influences its performance and the result you are expected to have or the vegetable type you wish to use it for. The Mandoline comes with three-blade shape types and these includes;  

The straight blade: This blade is usually preferred for the straight cutting of ingredients. These perpendicular blades slice straight through the ingredients passed through it. Ideally works fine on hard vegetables like potatoes, but requires a lot of force in crushing soft vegetables like tomatoes. These straight blades can be found mostly on French models of the Mandoline. 

The diagonal blade: The diagonal blades are mainly found in the Japanese models of the Mandoline slicers. These sets of blades slice through ingredients with little force, giving it a huge sense to eliminate or reduce any form of hurt from the tool. 

V-Shape blade: Mandoline that comes with these V-shape blades can be used for all forms of ingredient or vegetable slicing, even the vegetables with soft or hard skin can be handled perfectly with this blade. This is the most prevalent style among home-use mandolines 

 DESIGN STYLE: There are two fundamental types of portraying mandoline slicers; the stand and the level handheld slicers. With the handheld slicer, the base leans against the counter or bowl, while the client holds the body. With this sort of slicer, the client has command over the cutting point, offering them a higher force.  

The standing model of slicers can work on its own. Its higher level of sturdiness and safety makes it easy to incorporate extra features like Juliennes and waffle cuts. 

 ADJUSTABLE / FIXED BLADE FEATURE: This is another feature that should guide your purchase of a Mandoline slicer, as most persons can design to buy a Mandoline slicer for a specific cutting size, while another can need it for a varying sized cutting purpose to meet the desired need. 

The fixed blade mandoline slicers give you the standard cutting you desire it for, as you simply pick up your tool and get your customized size of vegetable sliced. Moreover, this limits your usage, as not all slicing needs are met. 

Adjustable blades: This feature allows you to adjust your Mandoline to a specific need per time, serving all purposeful needs of slicing, grating, and others. Saving you from spending on other devices. 

 How to Maintain a Mandoline Slicer

  •         Replace or sharpen your blades regularly.
  •         Ensure that your slicer is stable before use.
  •         Use manageable pieces for slicing.
  •         Wash your slicer diligently and thoroughly.


1.     Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline

Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers

The Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline is our pick for the Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicers. This pick wasn’t an accident of what it represents but a fulfillment for anyone that has desired a mandoline slicer that has quality, functionality, and is safe.

Designed by a foremost kitchenware manufacturer in Germany. Some persons buy utensils and still keep alternatives in case they don’t get what they want but that is not the issue with this gadget, as it saves one from all hectic knife experience. This represents all you will be needing in slicers it comes with 5 interchangeable blades for versatility in slicing.

 Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline with five unlimited blade thickness settings with easy thumb dial control performs excellently for slicing, julienne & grating, it’s perfect as an onion chopper cutter, vegetable peeler, and garlic chopper. With faster prep & faster cleanup. However, all plastic parts of this tool are crafted from BPA-free, food-grade ABS plastics. you can live your best, healthiest life every day

Making our selections for Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers we gave priority to slicers with professional V-Shape blades the Mueller Mandoline slicer as the V-Shaped blade results in the natural and delivery of your desired slicing styles. With other incredible benefits of this slicer, you are sure you meet value for your money with its lifetime warranty assured to a potential user, cleaning up is much easy as it is dishwasher safe. The inclusion of a 1.5L container, a non-skid bottom, cut resistant glove that is added to your purchased pack makes this slicer unique.

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2. OXO Good Grips Chef’s Mandoline Slicer 2.0

Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers

Our runner-up pick for Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers is also a product from one of the best kitchenware manufacturers that has been in the business of crafting Mandoline slicers since 2004, so the art of slicing and dicing vegetables and fruits is not strange to them.

Thereby, coming with this OXO Good Grip Mandoline Slicer that is capable of creating 21 different cuts fast and easy. So if you desire to prep like a chef for that special dinner or a family get-together without needing a professional knife skill or not needing a knife at all. Your eyes should be on this slicer.

This slicer ensures switching between the blade set is without hassle,  as you can seamlessly switch between the 0.5 -Mm interval settings. To ensure you get what you desire, the manufacturers added a bit of uniqueness to its design with an indicator window that allows you to see your setting above, so setting your mandoline correctly makes it even easier to use.

More features of this Adjustable Mandoline Slicer are the presence of a spring-loaded food holder that protects your hand from being hurt, giving you a huge sense of safety.

The OXO Good Grip Madoline slicer comes with a stainless steel angled blade that ensures you don’t look for alternatives when you want to slice soft foods.

however,  The Two-sided blade can create straight slices or crinkle/waffle cuts, and even integrated julienne and French fry blades are parts of what you get on purchase.

Your OXO Good Grip slicer is typically non-sticking as the runway is textured to void food sticking and its parallel surfaces ensure you get slices without hurdles. This slicer can actually give you a durable satisfaction.

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 3. Gramercy Kitchen Co. Adjustable Mandoline Food Slicer 

Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers

This is another beautiful pick from our collections of Best Adjustable mandoline slicers, this slicers comes with a blade that can resist, Bending, dulling, or chip made form a 4CR grade stainless steel. You are sure that you are getting a super Sharp blade with premium quality. Though sharp as said the design of this slicer gave priority to safety as you get your perfect slices without being hurt as the Gramercy Kitchen Co.

Uniquely manufactured Gramercy Adjustable Slicer is made with a professional stainless steel grade that guarantees durability and functionality. However, has great features that ensure you can touch the blade of your slicer if need be without hurt like a pair of cut-resistant gloves. Great for slicing unusually shaped foods that won’t fit our food holder or removing the blade dial for cleaning, a blade guard for storage, a brush for cleaning, a food safety holder to keep your fingers away from the blade while slicing, and a whole lot of other features.

Gramercy Mandoline Slicer is a fast prep machine that saves you from the hassles of meal prep giving you the perfect slicing you will be needing per time when slicing or julienning as well, it is flexible and convenient.

After use clean up and storage are without stress. As you can Folds flat for storage removable blade dial for cleaning, Rinses clean with soap and water, Food safety holder, and slicer are top-rack dishwashers safe.

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4. Adjustable Mandoline Slicer with Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer 

Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers

 This Mandoline Slicer is designed with the safety of users as a priority as it keeps users away from injury and ensures you get perfect slices each time with this Prep Naturals Adjustable Mandoline Slicer. The Prep Natural Adjustable Mandoline slicer isn’t just the normal slicer; it is all that they are and still outclasses other slicers with lots of unique features.

The Prep Naturals slicer is an improved structure of the customary mandoline slicers and in that capacity, highlights answers for all issues experienced by individuals while utilizing other slicers. This tool is brilliant for grinding, cutting, and julienne slicing, with sturdy and 3 interchangeable blades included in the package to help each activity.

Every blade included within the Prep Naturals package is engineered to give you nothing but the right slice whenever. This vegetable slicer is everything you would like in your kitchen and more. With its three different thickness settings, easy thumb-dial control, and bonus spiralizer which provides three bonus spiral settings, the adjustable slicer from Prep Naturals works effortlessly as a vegetable peeler, onion cutter, and garlic chopper. A kitchen gadget definitely deserves having.Buy now on amazon

 5. FullstarMandoline Slicer Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer 

Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers Fullstar

This Fullstar is good to pick for those looking for Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicers, this slicer can be adjusted with about 6 different blades settings that meet all your need for slicing or grating. However, this mandoline has a spiralizer an extra feature to ensure you don’t seek an extra mandoline slicer when you need one for Zoodles, Vegetable pasta, or even your garnishing. One feature of this slicer that is hard to beat is its speed, as it outsmarts other slicers in terms of quick meal prep.

Safety is an optimum priority in The manufacturing of this mandoline knowing that a fast slicer as Fullstar Mandoline can as well cause danger to The users, so protective gloves and finger guide when using The vegetable spiralizer are included with the package at purchase. Also, no hazard is associated with after-use clean-up with the presence of a cleaning brush and blade organizers.

Some parts of this slicer were made with ABS nontoxic plastic that is BPA-free to guarantee you have a healthy meal so no worries about the plastic parts. Furthermore, the base of this Mandoline base is slip-resistant keeping it in place while in use, so the slicer doesn’t dance around when being used thereby posing any form of danger.

Fullstar Mandoline Slicer is super Sharp, easy to use, and budget-friendly, all parts of this tool can be dismantled for easy clean-ups and storage, above all dishwasher safe, all you need to do is dish throw into your dishwasher and it is set for another round of slicing, grating, julienne slicing and spiralizing.

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6.  Exclusive Fullstar Mandoline Slicer And Food Chopper

Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers

Desiring to have a multi-functional kitchen gadget that meets all needs for slicing, chopping, grating, and storing food afterward. This tool should get your attention as it gives the leverage of adjusting to your desired thickness of sliced vegetables up to 5-distinctive sizes with an easy-to-use adjuster dial.

However, the chopping of your vegetables to a required size is just without hassle as you simply change the insert to get the ideal desired size. Ensuring all your needs for a fast prepare met without looking out for extra mandoline this FullstarMandoline Slicer comes with 3-in-1 adjustable standalone spiralizers which can cut large or small julienne strips or ribbon slices.

Ensuring you have a healthy meal, all plastic parts of this tool are BPA-free and nontoxic ABS plastics. However, coming with a catch tray gives you much more convince unlike other mandoline as all the vegetables sliced, julienned, or grated is kept within the tray for compact storage, thereby eliminating all messy sights. Talking about convenience the base of the mandoline is non-slip that guarantees this tool doesn’t dance around while in use.No worries about cuts When cleaning your slicers all parts are top-rack dishwasher safe, saving you time from after usage clean-up.

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7. OXO Good Grips Adjustable Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer.

Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers Oxo Good Grip

Another slicer for OXO Good Grip making it into our picks for Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicers though not as complete as our runner up pick, but it is the best you can get on a budget spending on mandoline slicers. This handheld slicer ad can be adjusted to complete your slicing in 3 different thicknesses,  achievable by simply using the soft knob to get your desired thickness for cucumber salad, potato grating, or even Apple tart.

Ensuring you carry out your activity in your desired area. this handheld mandoline slicer has a non-slip handle giving you perfect control of the tool, as well the foot is non-slip as well keeping it from dancing about the slicing or grating surface.

One beautiful feature that comes with this tool is a window that allows you to see the quantity of cut you have done per time, a hand guide that protects you from any form of cut during usage, or after-use clean-up. You can reuse this slicer after each usage since it is dishwasher safe giving you value for your time. So you worry less about the hassles of washing your slicers. The downside of this slicer is that it doesn’t make julienne and wavy cuts. But simple enough for that task you will need a limited functional mandoline slicer.

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8. DASH Safe Slice Mandoline for Vegetables.

Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers

Most mandolines have an uncovered sharp edge that the food goes over for cutting, however that can be risky if users neglect to utilize a hand monitor. This mandoline is uniquely crafted with a feed tube that takes your vegetables down to the blade and a push handle that moves the blade against the food. The handle springs up naturally, on account of spring, prepared for the following cut, and a pusher that fits into the cylinder ensures the food connects with the blade.

 The cutting can be set for thicknesses from .5 to 8 millimeters, so it’s extraordinary for cutting vegetables for salad, slaws, soups, and stews. A julienne knob and a matchstick knob draw in those cutting blades, offering significantly greater flexibility. A catcher compartment holds the cut food, keeping the work surface free from mess. A little brush is incorporated for protected and simple cleaning of the sharp blades, however, it is likewise dishwasher safe whenever wanted. The legs lock into place during use and fold down for compact storage in a drawer or on a shelf.

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9. KitchenAid Gourmet Mandoline Slicer

Best Adjustble Mandoline Slicers

kitchenAid handheld mandoline slicer is another functional tool that meets our pick for a safe and high-performing mandolin, this tool Cuts your prep time drastically saving you time for other tasks of the day.

This multi-functional slicer allows users to slice through fruits, vegetables, and even cheese with minimal effort. However, why we picked interest in researching this tool is Its adjustable blade is made from high-quality stainless steel, though stainless steel is known for its ability to retain a sharp edge and resist corrosion. Getting your desired thickness setting is easy as you simply adjust the blade position by twisting a knob, allowing you to slice ingredients to variable thickness. 

This budget-friendly KitchenAid handheld mandoline slicer does not require you to break a bank for your desired slicing, grating to be met. Safety is of the essence with this tool as all plastic parts are made from BPA-free plastic ensuring you have a healthy cooking experience. Ensuring no danger is associated with using This slicer is comes packed with a handguard keeping you safe from usage or storage. Also, you get a lifetime warranty assured also. 

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The Best Adjustable Mandoline slicers selected in this review were carefully researched on based their performance, safety, and durability. Also met Our research terms for selections. Moreover, one or more of these slicers suits your ideal need so carefully read through to see the one that meets your need. 

But if you find it hard to decide on anyone above we would recommend you go for this Our outstanding pick. Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline.  Read this verified purchase review from Amazon on this slicer that summarized the gadget. 

Our top pick has the most beautiful verified purchase review. See this “ I bought this slicer primarily to make cinnamon apple chips. Last Christmas I tasted a finely made sample of some out of Minnesota. They were expensive but I was hooked and had to figure out how to make them on my own. After experimenting in the kitchen with variations of slicing, drying, baking, dusting, and different apples. I realized one of the most important steps was having apples sliced evenly to exactly the right thickness. 


I shopped around online very carefully for a few months. Finally, I ordered the Müeller V-Pro from Without any complication, this thing simply adjusted to the correct thickness and sliced with perfection. I slice through the whole apple not even worrying about the seeds. This slicer was critical to the whole thing. Thanks for making a great product!” and more. 

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