Best coffee grinder under 50

Best coffee grinder under 50 might not be news for those who just want a mediocre cup of coffee just to wake them up.

However if you fall in this category know you have missed a whole lot about flavor and freshness of an instantly grinded and brewed cup of coffee. If you find your self reading this article I would guess you are tasting for a fresh and flavoured coffee. 

True coffee enthusiast knows that freshness is an important part of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. however, some would imagine the possibility of getting the best coffee grinder under 50 that will guarantee functionality and output.  

However, high costs do not always guarantee quality, though they generally provide a durability indicator. With less expensive coffee grinders under 50 much about durability ,performance, easy of use and maintenance can be achieved. Which does not mean it is not possible to locate a quality, low-cost set – so we put a few less expensive coffee grinders to the test next to their much more expensive counterparts.

To find a number of wonderful starter grinders as much for upgrade. So read through our review and recommendations if they meet your choice or buying plan.

How we Picked the Best Coffee Grinder Under 50

For a little machine that perform a genuinely basic errand, there are several coffee grinders accessible for you to purchase. All contributing a shade of comparative features at an assortment of price point, it can prove fairly hard to locate the best grinder for your morning espresso under 50 dollars.

To assist you with making sense of which one is directly for you and narrow down your alternatives, here are a couple of fundamental elements you ought to consider.

Particle size:

Different brewing methods require different particle size in grinding , so you’ll want to choose a grinder that caters to your preferred brewing methods. Fine grinds are best for espresso; medium grinds are best for drip and pour-over coffee; and coarse grinds are best for French presses.

Capacity :

The capacity of your grinder is determined by your usage plan, because different grinders come in different capacities, it is just the question of the volume you want per time.

I must say you don’t need a large capacity grinder as your coffee gives you the desired freshness when you grind and use in a short time interval. However if you are brewing for a large number of persons, then a grinder with large volume is recommended .


The size of your grinder is a key factor to look at when making your choice for the best coffee grinder under 50. As you wouldn’t want to grinder that will eat up your counter space.

Before making your research consider your counter space. However grinders are not usually huge, but requires space to fit well. Whether it sits on the countertop or gets stored away when its not in use, ensure to buy a product that will fit in the place you have in mind.

Multiple Setting:

Different coffee brewing method requires different particle sizes. so you’ll want to choose a grinder that caters to your preferred brewing methods. If you drink an array of coffee types, then you’ll want a grinder that provides enough settings to get the perfect consistency for each one.
The setting method a grinder comes with is basically described as “ stepped or stepless grinder” though the stepless grinder is an improvement of the stepped grinder.


How long your grinder will last a major factor considered in our review, and that does not come by mere guess buy, but by scrutinizing the item you want to purchase.

Research proved that the ceramic grinder lasts longer than their stainless steel counterpart . But not to worry the easiest method I recommend you use is to read our reviews, as customer are quick to hit at any wrong purchase, give a thumb up for a satisfactory purchase.

Ease of use and maintenance:

brewing coffee and clean-up after use does not need to be hectic, or stress you out in a manner you will be scared of your next coffee cup.

Coffee grinders vary in how complicated they are to use and clean. If you know you’ll be frustrated by a machine that makes you take extra steps each day to use, or that always involves a lot of time and frustration to get clean. Then take some time to read through this review to see our carefully selected grinders that poses the ease of use quality.


1. KRUPS GX550850 Precision Grinder.

Best coffee grinder under 50 dollar

This is a professional-level coffee grinder meeting every feature you could hope to have when grinding your coffee. Serves good for a starter and precise choice for an upgrade. Ideal for Coffee Lovers who desire more control over the size and uniformity of their freshly ground coffee to maximize taste. Wondered why it’s our lead pick for the best coffee grinder under 50?

Krup GX550850 has a customizable grinder setting, having a 12 grind fineness setting and even provides for intermediary setting if your need doesn’t suit the standard-setting. Giving leverage for greater grinding range to provide precision grinding for all types of coffee brewing methods Drip Filter Coffee, French press Cold Brew, Pour Over, Espresso and more.

This metallic flat burr coffee grinder gives you a full control over grinding size also uniform grinding for you to get that desired coffee flavor.

However you don’t need to worry about grinding more than you quantity you desire to avoid storage as its customized quantity regulator can be set from 2 – 12 cups quantity selection with auto- stop to give the exact desired amount as you grind. The 8 pounds whole coffee bean hopper and removable ground container are capable of producing 30 -32 cups of coffee if need be.

Cleaning this grinder is not hectic since the burr is removable and with an embedded cleaning brush which guarantees easy after use clean up.

Why we liked KRUPS GX550850 Precision Grinder.:
  1. Budget-friendly
  2. 12 customizable grinder settings
  3. Versatile usage
  4. large capacity hopper
  5. easy to clean
  6. automatic

Complain about this grinder:

  • Nonuniform grinding

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2. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Best coffee grinder under 50 dollars- Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Often, low-cost product suck. The Cuisinart DBM-8, In the other hand, is a fantastic grinder play the functionality of costlier coffee grinders at a fraction of the cost.

This automatic burr mill offers a selection of eighteen grind settings to cater for all palates. It’s super-swift too serving up ample coffee for eighteen cups in exactly 60 seconds.

In common with all burr grinders, you’ll get less heat than with a blade system and conjointly a more robust overall consistency. Most grinders at this value purpose are bladed thus this can be a pleasant bonus.

Don’t be fooled by the value either…

The Cuisinart is a heavy-duty and utterly automated machine thus it works well if you wish to grind up giant volumes of coffee in a hurry.

With ample capability, the optimum system, and an 18-month guarantee to ice the cake, the Cuisinart DBM-8 gets our vote for the runner-up for best coffee grinder under 50 on the market.

What we liked about this grinder:
  1. Outstanding value for money without compromising quality
  2. Choose from 18 grind settings for coffee exactly the way you want it
  3. Substantial 8-ounce bean hopper combined with a chamber good for 32 golden cups of coffee
  4. Delivers enough medium grind coffee for 18 cups in just 1 minute
  5. Auto shut-off mechanism for your safety and convenience
  6. 18-month limited warranty so buy with complete confidence

The downside of this grinder:
  1. Takes up a lot of room in the kitchen so make sure you’ve got space
  2. Some reported issues with grind consistency

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3. KRUPS F203 Electric | The Best Blade Grinder

KRUPS are legend within the coffee industry, krup f203 is that the most rated coffee mill on amazon and this candidate for the most effective blade grinder comes in at an especially engaging value purpose.

Not everybody desires to pay a fortune on the most effective burr grinder thus if you wish a rugged and engaging grinder for fewer than a round of drinks at Starbucks, the KRUPS is made-to-order.

You’ll get an outsized volume of coffee ground terribly quickly and therefore the fine grind at your disposal means that it’s an exquisite choice for lovers of fresh coffee.
Cleaning is commonly a bugbear with coffee grinders however this model needs little effort along with some water and vinegar to urge things sparkling once more.

Aside from a tendency to run hot like all blade grinders, there’s an excellent deal to advocate this budget-friendly offering from KRUPS.

As a parting shot, you’ll be able to additionally grind up a full vary of spices thus it’s a multi-purpose addition to your kitchen at ultra-low price.

The things we like about this grinder:
  1. Great brand heritage at a price you’ll love
  2. Ideal for espresso lovers thanks to the fine grind available
  3. Fast action grinding 3 ounces of coffee in seconds flat
  4. Surprisingly rugged given the affordability
  5. Extremely easy to clean using just water and vinegar
  6. Added bonus of serving double-duty as a spice grinder so a versatile kitchen appliance

The Downside of this grinder:

  1. As with all blade grinders, it runs hot and can scorch your beans
  2. Kicks off a fair amount of dust so it’s advisable to use a paper filter
  3. Hard to control the ground coffee size

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4. JavaPresse Manual grinder, best manual coffee grinder under 50

JavaPresse Manual grinder , best manual coffee grinder under 50

Not everybody needs an electrical coffee grinder that kicks out a good deal of noise and therefore the JavaPresse is our choose for the best manual coffee grinder on the market.

Priced keenly and providing an outstanding range of eighteen completely different grind settings, you’ll get pleasure from a solid and durable grinder that’s engineered to stay a length of time.

As with any manual grinder, you’ll get little or no noise once you’re making ready your beans however you’ll have to be compelled to set aside lots of time as it’s not the fastest grinder on the block. That said, you won’t want a lot of physical effort therefore it’s less burdensome to use than several manuals.

If you wish a no-nonsense cone-shaped burr grinder at a pocket-friendly value, the JavaPresse is well price pop on your order.

Why we picked this grinder:
  1. Grind settings mean you can get the perfect consistency whatever type of coffee you prefer
  2. Although it’s a manual grinder, you won’t need to put in much elbow grease to use it
  3. Extremely quiet so make your morning coffee without waking up the household
  4. Ideal for traveling as you need no batteries or power at all
  5. Conical burr action perfect for coffee connoisseurs
  6. Rugged and built to last so more than just a kitchen ornament

What we did not like about this grinder:
  1. You need to be patient as it takes some time to get a great grind
  2. Pretty disappointing capacity so reconsider if you want to make large quantities of coffee in a hurry
  3. Some complaints about consistency

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5. Krup GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder

. Krup GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder

This electrical grinder from KRUPS ticks all the proper boxes if you would like a many-featured, bimetal burr grinder for your French press brew.

The sleek, daring design and craft create it a decent addition to any kitchen.
For your cash, you get options that embody the choice of 9 grind levels, a quantity selector between two and twelve cups, and auto-stop safety mechanism and an eight oz. bean container.

The black-colored machine would grind your coffee quickly and expeditiously while not with efficiency hot even if you push it to the limit.

In terms of price, it’s nearly a steal considering the design, functionalities, and options in it.

What we liked about this krup grinder:
  1. The price is a bargain
  2. Has multiple grind levels
  3. The auto-stop feature is great
  4. Large capacity

The downside of the krup professional grinder:
  1. Hard to clean the grinder
  2. The grinder dial might be hard to read

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6. KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade Coffee Grinder – Onyx Black

Kitchen Aid BCG111OB Offers durability and powerful performance, quickly grinding enough whole coffee beans to make up to 12 cups of coffee. However, you’ll be able to blend the coffee in step with your preference – course, medium and fine. Another beautiful pick for the best coffee grinder under 50.

It has a double lock instrument. The top is made of solid acrylic so we can see the pound consistency. The compartment of the blades is made of tempered steel which is solid and durable and doesn’t get rust.

The grinder comes with an estimation manual to know the number of beans to fill in the machine. The grinder can make at most 12 cups maximum of coffee and at least 4 cups of coffee.

The grinding bowl is removable which makes the cleaning procedure much simpler. So you should simply fill the grinder with the best coffee beans, press the switch for a few seconds and there it is a fine blend of coffee beans.

You can appreciate a rich cup of coffee in the middle of the night or promptly in the first part of the day. All will try and do is invest one or two of seconds to fancy this fresh instant cup of coffee.

The main downside that I discovered was some coffee stalls out on the base of the holder which you can take out with a couple of jabs of a fork or a spoon.

What we liked in kitchen Aid BCG111OB
  1. Powerful blades
  2. Quick process
  3. Easy to use
  4. Easy to clean.

The downside of kitchen Aid BCG111OB
  1. Coffee gets stuck at the bottom

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7. Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder

Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder

Ask any coffee enthusiast and they would all give you a similar response – They love an ideal cup of steaming hot coffee any time of the day. There are numerous coffee grinders in the market. At the point when you purchase crisp beans and you need to grind them, not all grinders will give you that ideal ground surface or coarseness according to your decision. Muller Austria’s hyper crush and settles this issue.

With the Mueller Austria electric coffee grinder you get the decision of changing the grinder settings. You can control the coarseness of the coffee grounds and make the most of your fragrant cup of coffee.

Muller electric coffee grinder is minimal and versatile. It has an exquisite plan and finish. You can utilize it at home as well as can keep it on your office table so you can have your preferred mug of coffee, French press, or pour-over coffee whenever you need.

Its silent working, smooth body, and easy-to-understand usefulness make it an alluring present for your loved ones. The German machinery in the coffee grinder guarantees its sturdiness.

Mullers coffee grinder can be utilized for coffee as well as for your spices. The grinder has a great deal of flexibility. It can slash and pound nuts, entire spice, herbs, and seeds with no issue.

What reviewers said about this grinder:
  1. Versatile grinder
  2. Cost and user-friendly
  3. Silent grind
  4. Elegant finish and sturdy built

What some don’t like about this grinder:
  1. Coffee grinds can get into the motor

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8. Cusibox Electric Coffee Grinder Spice Grinder – Stainless Steel Blades

Cusibox Electric Coffee Grinder Spice Grinder - Stainless Steel Blades

It’s been a month that I am utilizing this grinder and I have been testing its utilization in all manners that I can. It has never failed me rather gives me an effective grind. It is exceptionally light and simple to deal with.

The grinder looks wonderful and is portable. Not at all like my old grinder which I kept fixed in one spot, I don’t need to do so now. I can without much of a stretch take it from my cabinet at whatever point I need it and when I am finished utilizing it can store it back. It is so easy to use and clean and isn’t at all chaotic.

Just by pressing the top, you can control the granulate as per your preference. You can see the grinding procedure through the transparent cover and get the ideal crush, be it coarse or fine. You get the ideal outcome in a moment. It has an incredibly quick engine and is fitted with a stainless steel blade.

In one pound it delivers 12 cups of coffee. It is easy and safe to use. This grinder is definitely justified even despite the cost.

What I liked about cusibox electric grinder:
  1. Easy to use
  2. Very portable
  3. Safe to use
  4. Can be used at your home and office
  5. 12 cups in one grind
  6. Light in weight

The downside of cusibox electric grind:
  1. Loud sounds

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9. KRUPS GX332850 Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

KRUPS GX332850 Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

Krup GX332850 is one of the finest products from Krups, due to its enhanced technology and performance. As well as having a rating of over 20000 on Amazon. And one of the most bought grinders in all categories.

This 3-in-1 silent grinder is efficient, innovative, and powerful.

Described as the quietest grinder, has, in addition, a Patent Pending Vortex Spin Technology pulls ingredients into the blades for fast and efficient grinding. And as well grind coffee beans for 12 cups in 15 seconds for drip coffee. Easily enjoy the fresh aroma of coffee in the morning to jump-start your day.

The removable stainless steel grinding bowl comes with a dedicated storage lid that seals the grinding bowl to perfectly store your freshly ground coffee, dry herbs, or spices!

The Silent Vortex 3-in-1 is easy to clean as it conveniently features a removable stainless steel grinding bowl. The grinding bowl and the grinder lid are dishwasher-safe.

What we liked about krup GX332850 silent vortex:
  1. Rated the quietest grinder.
  2. Powerful and efficient
  3. Innovation
  4. Holds up to 12 cups of coffee
  5. Dishwasher safe
  6. Easy one-touch operation

What we did not like about krup GX332850 silent vortex :
  1. This grinder doesn’t provide preset grinding levels-

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10.  Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind 4.5oz Electric Coffee Grinder 

Best coffee grinder under 50 dollars- Hamilton beach fresh electric grinder

One of the most bought coffee grinders in the market today, Hamilton has presented a silent and elegant grinder that interests all coffee darlings.

In contrast to the different grinders available, the Hamilton Beach coffee grinder makes positively no sound. It is sturdily designed. Its silk-dark completion advances to the eye. The coffee grinder is small and conservative and doesn’t consume lots of space. So you can simply keep it on your kitchen top.

The great feature of this grinder is that it very well can be used for grinding herbs, spice, seeds alongside your fresh coffee beans.

This budget-friendly well disposed of coffee grinder has impeccable cutting edges that slice through your coffee beans with the most extreme exactness.

is made of excellent steel and is strong. Rather than buying sacks of grounded coffee powder, with this machine at your home, you can buy crisp coffee beans and appreciate a hot steaming cup of fragrant and flavourful coffee.

Hamilton beach fresh grinder also has a hideaway compartment to store away the cord after using the grinder instead of just allowing the cord to hang around the coffee grinder.

The grinder chamber segment can be removed effectively, cleaned, and supplanted with no issue. You should wash and dry the chamber well and remove any buildup and dampness with a dry cloth.

Why reviewers liked Hamilton beach grinder:
  1. Can be used for not only coffee but spices, herbs, seeds, etc too
  2. Budget-friendly
  3. Can make up to 12 cups of coffee
  4. Durable stainless steel blades
  5. Store away compartment for the electric cord

Complain about the Hamilton beach grinder:
  • The button can be faulty

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The coffee grinder you choose will have a direct effect on the quality of the coffee you drink each morning. The right choice can help you achieve that perfect cup of coffee you desire. Take some time to understand your options and figure out what you really want. The result will be worth it. 

Thanks for your time on our review on the Best Coffee Grinder Under 50

Best Overall: KRUPS GX550850 Precision Grinder.

Runner-up pick: KRUPS GX332850 Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

Best blade grinder: JavaPresse Manual grinder

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