Best electric tea kettle variable temperature

In 2022 you’re better of with the best electric tea kettle variable temperature control features for your tea and water. Do you know why?

Best electric tea kettle variable temperature

Well, keep reading because in this review I’ll hold you by the hand, step by step, and walk you through everything you need to know about these kettles.

We’ll cover the digital variable temperature kettles and the manual ones so that you can choose wisely based on your situation.

Before I go into reviewing these amazing kettles, let me give you an overview of every subheading we’ll cover in this article.

This is because I value your time and want you to get the most out of this review in the shortest interval possible.

Description: Best Electric tea kettle variable temperature 

This kind of kettles allows YOU pre-define what temperature you would like your water to be boiled at unlike traditional electric kettles where you don’t have full control over its boiling point.

Electric kettles with variable temperatures display the temperatures and let you choose the point at which your water, milk, or tea stops heating.

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One advantage of this feature is that it gives you control and with that comes peace of mind. 

You may have experienced moments in which you have to wait for your water to drop its temperature and cool off a bit before you use it for your intended purpose, now that’s the drawback of traditional electric kettles.

Benefits of Using Best Electric tea kettle variable temperature

Generally, for those who value time and maybe don’t have enough of it, the best electric water kettle variable temperature can be a serious time-saver.

Our research shows that the majority of these kettle users include nursing moms, college students, career people, and business owners.

Do you know why? Because the electric kettle with variable temperature element can help you:

  1. Save Time and Energy: What can be more annoying than having to wait for your hot water which you heat by your very self to have to cool off again before you can make use of it, Lol!
    Now, with the variable temperature electric kettle, you don’t have to go through this hectic experience again because You can set the temperature of the water to be boiled and no longer have to wait for a cup of green tea to cool down.


  2. Set a custom boiling point for your green tea, milk, or water: As you may already know, the flavor and aroma of green tea, leaf teas, coffees, and other hot beverages can be affected by the harshness of water at its highest boiling temperature, Variable temperature kettles give you the privilege to more precisely control the temperature of your hot water, hence saves you the cost of losing your green tea, leaf teas, coffees, and beverages.


  3. Prepare the perfectly warm water for your newborn and infants: Your baby’s bath should be 37 degrees C to 38 degrees C, which is around body temperature.

    If you’re not using a thermometer (who uses that in 2020), a quick way to check is to use the variable temperature electric kettle.

    With this kind of kettles, you can set the ideal temperature for the water you intend to use on your newborn and use it Right off the bat rather than having to wait for it to cool or making use of an assumptive temperature to bathe your newborn baby.

Top 5 Recommended Best Electric tea kettle variable temperature (that are Stress-Free)


Best electric tea kettle variable temperature


After detailed Research and Market Review based on Customer feedback on Amazon and Real-life experience, recommends the following as the best electric water kettles with variable temperatures in the market for the year 2022.


  1. AICOK Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Variable Temp.

Smart electric Kettles

The AICOK Electric Tea Kettle is Amazon’s choice variable temperature electric kettle.   One amazing feature about this electric kettle is that it has 6 temperature settings which can help you set just the perfect temperature for different tea leaves, easy peasy right?

Benefits of using the AICOK Electric Tea Kettle 



Best electric tea kettle variable temperature
AICOK Electric Kettle


  1. Warmth Retention Function – This electric kettle can maintain its internal temperature for 2 hours through its keep warm functionality. If no action is taken after 2 hours under the keep-warm mode, the kettle will switch off automatically.

    This is a huge time and energy saver because the water doesn’t need to be warmed up again.

  2. Fast Boiling Speed  – This Variable temperature electric kettle operates at 3KW power, i.e 3000 kilowatts hence it boils really fast and effectively shortens waiting time.


  3. Water Storage Function – The 1.7L large capacity allows this kettle to carry up to 8 cups of water. What this implies is that this kettle can also serve as a container to store water easily for you and your loved ones.


  4. High quality 304 stainless steel – The AICOK Electric Kettle KE7466 is made of Premium 304 stainless steel and can resist strong corrosion which causes rust and degradation.


2. Primens Smart Electric Kettle Temperature Control

Best electric tea kettle variable temperature

This scarce electric kettle is currently one of the hottest kettles in the market right now. In fact, it’s the best kettle on Amazon in the ‘Smart kettles’ category, it even has a 5/5 users rating on the platform.

You shouldn’t be surprised about this, should you? In this fast-paced world where smart technology is becoming a global consideration for our day-to-day activities, this smart electric kettle by Primen is a huge asset.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what this kettle is about, let’s take a step further on how this smart kettle can practically better your life.

Benefits of using the Primens Smart Electric Kettle

Smart electric Kettles
Best electric tea kettle variable temperature

  1. Helps You Preset Temperatures: You will agree with me that at different temperatures your coffee tastes differently, right? Now one benefit of using this smart kettle is that it comes with  4 different temperatures ( 100℉, 175℉, 200℉, 212℉). 

    You don’t need to do the manual job of a watchman for your tea anymore if you grab this kettle.

  2. Anyone can operate it (Soft Touch): This kettle doesn’t come with buttons. Yeah, it doesn’t – it’s all soft touch. The LED temperature display shows the current water temperature at all times.

    Digital switch

    Tabbing the  ‘MODE’ screen button will enable you to switch between heating presets. Press the ‘START/CANCEL’ screen button to activate a chosen mode or terminate it.
  3. Helps you save power: I have highlighted this feature above but for clarity purposes, the Keep Warm Functions allow you to hold up water at the desired temperature for up to 1 hour. If no action is taken 1 hour under the keep-warm mode, the kettle will switch off.

  4. Prevents your skin from hurting: The exterior plastic of this kettle stays cool to the touch even as the water boils inside. This way neither you nor your family members run the risk of burning themselves against the water warmer hot exterior.

3. HadinEEon 12-Hours Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

The HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric Kettle is the ideal kettle for people who have a large family size or social circle. You may ask why this is?

Ok, Let me explain…

Best electric tea kettle variable temperature

The features of this kettle will match the needs of an extensive population because its capacity can carry 10 cups of water, unlike the rampant 8 cups which most variable temperature kettles come with.

Also,  the keep-warm feature of this kettle lasts for an overwhelming 12 hours, which pretty much can serve a day for everyone in the house.

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This kettle is sophisticated in its design, it comes a bit pricey at 58 bucks but it’s worth the moolah.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the reason one should consider getting the HadinEEon variable temperature electric kettle.

Benefits of using the HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

variable temperature electric kettle 2020
HadinEEon Electric Kettle

  1. Its design prioritizes your health: This kettle comes with a removable washable filter that sits at the base of the spout. These filters will automatically collect limescale from your water to prevent scum from forming on the surface of your tea hence improving its taste.

  2. It will keep your tea hot for 12 stable HOURS: The keep the warm feature of this particular electric kettle can be set between 40-90 ° C, it will keep your tea or water at the right temperature for 12 hours, which is the highest keep-warm temperature I’ve seen.

  3. LED screen Temperature Colors: Each temperature corresponds to a LED light color. If you live with kids, this can be an invaluable feature for you because it will serve as a warning indicator to them.

  4. Eliminates stress encountered during filling: You can attest to the fact that one stressful activity we all have to embark on is re-filling our electric kettles. Especially, those with small Lid mouths, right?

    Best variable temperature electric kettle for tea

    The great thing about the HadinEEon electric kettle is that it is easy for filling up water and convenient for daily cleaning. With its wide-open lid mouth, you can easily get your hand inside the kettle and clean it with a moist cloth without that stress.

4. Kiket Glass Electric Kettle with Temperature Control 

The kiket glass electric kettle with temperature control is one of the latest electric kettle of this kind.

Its latest version is the 2019 model that comes with 4 different temperatures (194℉, 158℉, 176℉ and 212℉) which you can control to bring out the best taste and quality of tea and coffee. 

Benefits of the Kiket Glass Electric Kettle

variable temperature electric kettle 2020


  1. Auto Shut Down Technology: With the latest STRIX technology, this kettle will auto shut off when it reaches the temperature you set for it to boil. It also comes with the Boil-Dry feature which automatically turns the kettle off when there is little, or no water left.

  2. BPA Free: As you know by now, the reason most people do not make use of plastic kettles is that it may contaminate their content with bisphenol A (BPA).  All parts of the kiket variable temperature kettle are BPA-FREE and hence transmit no plastic flavor or chemical ingredients.

  3. Dynamic LED Illustration: This kettle comes with a blue LED display that will light up as the kettle begins to boil the water, and the light will automatically shut off after boiling.

  4. See-Through Water Gauge: This kettle contains a transparent water level gauge which allows for precise measurement. The glass body lets you know how much content is left in the kettle at any time.

5. Vestaware Glass Kettle with Variable Temperature Control

The Vestaware glass kettle comes with a removable lid, variable temperature control feature, Blue led indicator and stainless steel spout amongst others.

Using this glass kettle will simplify your hygiene process since you can easily notice when your kettle is dirty. The temperature at which you want your water to stop heating can be set via the buttons on the handle of the kettle (which additionally comes with a led display).

Let’s go through the benefits of using this kettle or at least why we should give it a second look.

Benefits of the Vestaware glass kettle with variable temperature

  1. You can set any custom temperature: This kettle comes with temperature control buttons which makes it easy for you to boil all of your favorite hot drinks just the way you like them. You can locate the temperature control button at the top handle portion of the kettle.

  2. You can see your water as it boils in real-time: one advantage that glass electric kettles have over both stainless steel kettles and plastic kettles is that they are see-through. Coupled with the blue led indication lights that the vestaware electric kettle comes with, you can easily tell when your water has boiled because the blue LED lights will light up once you start the kettle and as the water temperature rises, the boiling water will look purer.

  3. This kettle is very EASY to clean: A warm water and wet cloth are enough for cleaning this kettle daily. If you want to clean up the scale deposit thoroughly, you can add a half kettle mixture of white vinegar and water in and heat it to boiling.

    After a few minutes, the kettle will be sparkling clean.

  4. You can gauge the exact water level you want: When it comes to ease of use, the vestaware glass variable temperature control kettle is a no-brainer. The kettle comes with glass water level marking which helps for clear measurement. 
    Couple with the fact that this kettle is transparent, you never can go wrong with gauging the exact water level you need.

Conclusion – Electric water kettles with variable temperature Review

In a nutshell, we’ve intensely reviewed the top 5 electric water kettles with variable temperatures in the market right now. One general advantage of this kind of kettles is that they are serious time and energy savers.

Nursing Mothers, Students, Career men, and women who consider their time very precious cannot do without these digital kettles.

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The price of these kettles ranges from 27 to 57 bucks but it’s worth the money. We did our very best to source the electric water kettles with variable temperatures in 2021. Here are our top five picks Best electric tea kettle variable temperature.

  1. AICOK Electric Kettle KE7466
  2. Primens Smart Electric Kettle Temperature Control
  3. HadinEEon 12-Hours Variable Temperature Electric Kettle
  4. Kiket Glass Electric Kettle with Temperature Control
  5. Vestaware Glass Kettle with Variable Temperature Controle

Now, it’s your turn to tell us which is your favorite and what do you love most about variable temperature electric kettles in 2022?

Use the comment section below. Also, Feel free to share this post with your friends and family members in order to guide them in their next choice of getting electric water kettles with variable temperatures this year.

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