Mixing bowls though not decorative, but are essential for an organised and beautiful cooking environment . When it comes to basic cooking/baking, mixing bowls cant be left out in tasks, like pan cake batter or vinaigrette, simple melting butter or mixing up flour. Therefore best mixing bowls for hand mixer should be durable, easy to clean, comfortable to handle and balanced at tops.

Mixing bowls for hand mixer come in many materials, like stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and plastic. If you are making a choice for Mixing bowl for hand mixer, be sure to get a Mixing bowl that will be usable with such mixer, and should have high enough sides to prevent splatter from it.

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Typically the best mixing bowl for hand mixer has to be a set of varying sizes. Because it is necessary to keep mixtures of ingredients separately when baking. The best mixing bowls for hand mixer should be capable of preserving dough directly after mixing in the refrigerator. that is it must be capable of adjusting to temperature change.

How To Chose The Best Mixing Bowls For Hand Mixers.

If you are budgeting for a mixing bowl. The decision you look out for will be on the choice of material that will suit your purchase purpose, in terms of durability, easy to use and optimum performance of ware.

Considering different materials of construction that ranges from stainless steel, ceramics, glass, and plastic. This review covers the material selection needs, the pros of each selected material and the con’s.

The studied materials includes

Stainless steel mixing bowl

Pros: they are light weight, durable and are not breakable. Stainless steel bowls are ideal for low budget spending. Their lids are easy to open, and they are mainly dish washer safe. Stainless steel bowls can serve as a double boiler and are non reactive.
Con’s: not microwave safe, gets very hot, They are not transparent, not to be considered for left over.

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Plastic mixing bowl;

Pros: plastic mixing bowls are microwavable, lightweight, and break proof. They are also durable, good for all budget level.
Con’s:They absorb flavor, easily scratched, warps, melt and dents easily. Plastics discolours and are not environmental friendly. Read 5 reasons to avoid plastic.

Glass mixing bowl;

Pros: tampered glasses are temperature resistance. They can serve as serving dish. balanced on tops, transparent, easy to clean. beautiful and non reactive.
Con’s; not dish washer safe, breakable, slippery and heavy.

Ceramic mixing bowl.

Pros: Can be used to serve food, decorative, dishwasher safe, food can be safely stored.
Cons: chip easily, breakable, expensive and scratch easily.

Cooper mixing.

Pros: good for preserving dough, beautiful, quick warm up.
Con’s: expensive, reactive, and toxic if coating wares off.

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Much as said with the con’s and pros. Now you might have decided on the material to chose from. check to see the products that suits your material choice.

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Top 10 Best Mixing Bowls For hand mixer

AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl set with Lids; best stainless steel mixing bowl. OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowl Set with Black Handles, best plastic Mixing. Pyrex Smart Essentials Mixing Bowl Set Including Locking Lids. DOWAN 4-Piece Porcelain Serving/Mixing Bowl Set; best microwave safe bowl. Fitzroy and Fox 3 Pieces Stainless steel Mixing Bowl. Best mixing bowl at low budget. Stainless steel Mixing Bowl By Finedine (set of 6). Best multipurpose bowl. Chefland set of 6 standard mixing bowl. Belware Stainless Steel bowls. Best steel multipurpose bowl. Bellemain Stainless Steel Bowl. Best mixing bowl set.


#1. AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl set with Lids; best stainless steel mixing bowl.

Best mixing bowls for hand mixers. Avacraft steel bowl, best stainless steel
Avacraft stainless steel mixing bowl


Taught of giving your kitchen an ideal versatile tool that measures, mix and also store in the same bowl. The Avacraft stainless bowl are designed with all the features one should be looking for in a mixing bowls. Designed with, a pouring spout, sturdy cover, scratch-resistant interior (NOT SHINY). They are also lightweight, and stackable bowls. Also this bowls are designed with non-slip bottom made of silicone that ensures the bowl stays in place while mixing.

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This eco friendly bowl comes in three most useful convenient sizes for use, which are, 1.5 quart, 3 quart and 5 quart. This mat finished bowl is break proof and has a tight lid for long freshness. it can be used efficiently for tossing a salad, mixing the cake mix, pizza dough, vinaigrette, marinating, soaking, baking mix and whisking .

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The Avacraft mixing bowl is made of a high quality stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, stains, corrosion or crack. this bowls are beautiful, durable dishwasher, freezer and refrigerator safe, just that some buyers have complained of the lid sipping out liquid when the bowl is turned downward with lid in place.

The key features of this mixing bowl satisfies our review steel choice of bowl, as the best stainless steel mixing bowls for hand mixer.

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#2. OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowl Set with Black Handles, best plastic Mixing bowl for hand mixer.

Best mixing bowls for hand mixer

The oxo good grip mixing bowl, is a lightweight bowl, that aesthetically fits your kitchen as it is available in 3 beautiful colours and bowl of size variety . It has a non-slip handle, making it easy to be carried and provide for a firm grip at whisking.

This bowl comes in three smart sizes of 1.3-quart, 3-quart and 5-quart designed for use with electric mixer.

Read more review of oxo good grip mixing bowls on Amazon

The oxo good grip bowl works perfect for whisking egg or salad dressing, mixing cake batter, dough and marinades, also can take the purpose of serving if you desire. Lets see practical applications of the three sized bowl in making an apple pie; the largest bowl will works greatly for tossing sliced apples with sugars and spices (nothing lands on the counter), the medium one will work perfectly for mixing the crust and the small one is perfect for mixing the sugars. This versatile, OXO mixing bowls are designed with real people in mind. The bowl nest perfectly for storage and clean perfectly by hand moreover they are dish washer safe.

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The features you might also find interesting about this bowl is its silicone bottom that does not slide, provision of a rubber handle for good grip and this makes the bowl one of our best mixing bowls for hand mixer , 3 useful sizes, wide lip and spout for easy pouring, and easy to clean feature both of hand and dishwasher.

The deal breaker of this bowl is that, it does not come with a lid, not safe for storage and might discolour on a long usage.

Best mixing bowls for hand mixer

#3. Pyrex Smart Essentials Mixing Bowl with Locking Lids; best glass mixing bowl.

Best glass Mixing bowls for hand mixer
Pyrex smart essentials mixing bowls

Looking for a glass ware, in tone of a mixing bowl, we advice you stick to the Pyrex smart essential glass mixing bowl, as it is a product of both quality and experience. This mixing bowl is versatile as it can be used effectively for mixing, baking, steaming veggies, storing, organising food, left over and might still function as a serving dish. Read Review on Amazon.

This beautiful mixing bowl comes in four useful sizes of 1 quart, 1.5 quart, 2.5 quart and 4 quart all with a plastic lid for preservation and storage They nest within one another perfectly for compact storage after use.

See more review of this product on Amazon

The Pyrex smart essential mixing bowl is made of a tempered soda lime silica glass which makes it durable and capable of withstanding pre-heated oven, microwave, fridge, freezer also the BPA free lid and pyrex glass bowl are dishwasher safe to make clean up easier. The bowl is designed with a flared lip top which holds the lid but as well the flared lip reduces spills and gives lot better leverage when holding the bowl and stirring something thick.

The Pyrex smart essential mixing bowl also doubles as our best on budget pick, as it The best mixing bowls for hand mixer below $18 with high performance.

CAVEAT :The downside of this bowl is that it is not break proof from heights and the thick tampered glass have lots of weight, which aids its balancing but heavy for manoeuvring.

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#4. DOWAN 4-Piece Porcelain Serving/Mixing Bowl Set; best porcelain bowl.

Best mixing bowls for hand mixer
Dowan 4-piece set mixing bowls

The Dowan 4-piece set mixing bowl, our pick for the best porcelain mixing bowl met our selection criteria for a safe , non-toxic, firm, and a durable ware. All Dowan porcelain products are lead-free, made from non-toxic AB graded porcelain and are approved of the U.S Food And Drug Administration (FDA).

Read review of Dowan set bowl on Amazon

These bowls comes in a set of 4 perfect sizes ranging from 4.5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, and 9 inch diameter bowl. Also they are light weight bowls not thick like pottery, but are sturdy enough for everyday usage. This porcelain mixing bowl is stackable, smooth glazed and scratch resistance.

Dowan bowls are versatile and deep for all baking mix needs ( whisking, mixing and all that.), also It’s simple and elegant looks makes it perfect for occasion serving dish, and this bowl great for serving soup and cereals, and compliments any table setup.


This mixing bowl is refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. But you can as well strengthen any porcelain product including this Dowan bowl by soaking them in warm salty water after a certain period of usage.

CAVEAT: The deal breaker in this bowl is that it can crack when exposed to rapid temperature change, and this bowl is not smash resistance.

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#5. Fitzroy and Fox 3 Pieces Stainless steel Mixing Bowl. Best mixing bowl at low budget.

Best mixing bowls for hand mixer

Desiring a mixing bowl with high performance at low budget, this great inexpensive, yet quality mixing bowl gets our recommendation , this steel bowl meets all stainless steel selection criteria for best mixing bowl for hand mixers, though still considered below the AVACRAFT stainless steel bowl based on grade of steel. These bowls are light, won’t retain odours and are shattering proof when dropped.

Read more Fitroyz and Fox on Amazon

The Fitzroy and Fox 3 piece stainless steel mixing bowl features in 3 perfect sizes of 5quart, 3quart, and 1.5quart. This bowl nest perfectly for storage, the nesting space saving design are great for small kitchens and dinning rooms with stylised brushed steel exteriors. These bowls are designed with a tight sealing BPA free bowl lid, which keeps food fresh, preserve dough after mix and the lid also ensures easy transportation of the product of your baking or creation to dinner party.

An ideal mixing bowl should be stable enough for control during usage, that was considered in the design of this bowl, as the bottom of the bowl has a silicone coating which stops the bowl from sliding off the counter during, whisking, and mixing as it keeps the bowl right where you want them. The great features of this bowl will make you believe that the best kind of mixing bowls are of the stainless steel, though this opinion is subject to your reason for purchase.

Silicone base of Fitzroy and fox

This stylish ,colourful bowl are in both red and blue and are easy to use with extra wide rim and collar for better grip. They are dishwasher and freezer safe, but the lid should be hand washed or washed on the top rack of the dishwasher on low heat.

To achieve a tight seal, press down firmly in the centre of the lid to close, this will pop out the air and ensure a great fit.
CAVEAT: It is not microwave safe.

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#6. Stainless steel Mixing Bowl By Finedine (set of 6). Best multipurpose bowl.

Best mixing bowls for hand mixer

These steel bowls are great selection from our stainless steel criteria choices of bowl that guarantees easy food prep. If you are looking for a multipurpose bowls, that can marinate for grill, serve fruit salads, add last ingredients for desert . and as a serving dish. then you can consider the stainless steel mixing bowls by Fine Dine.

This bowl beautifully crafted, easy to handle, morrow finished and affordable is the right choice for style, convenience and hygiene. This 6 piece bowl comes in graduating sizes of ¾ , 1.5, 3, 4, 5 and 8 quart designed for versatile functionality.

Read more review of this bowl by Finedine on Amazon

The Finedine stainless steel bowls with commercial grade does not stain, absorb odours and resist rusting for years of durability. Another great feature of these bowls that will interest you is there easy grip round lip that makes handling easier and its wide rim that enhances even flow during pouring of its content, the beautifully designed flat base ensures stability of bowl during usage.

This stainless steel mixing bowl set for hand mixer are designed for everyday rugged usage, and a graduate size, space saving design which ensures the bowl set nest perfectly for storage. They are dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe for easy meal prep and clean-up.

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This classic kitchen staple lets you perform variety of kitchen tasks such as whisking, serving, prepping, tossing and mixing. The premium stainless steel material resists bumps and scratches for providing a shiny finish that lasts for a long time.
Caveat: thin sized and not microwave safe.

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#7. Kukpo mixing Bowl 3 pieces set

Kukpo plastic bowl
Kukpo plastic bowl

The Kukpo mixing Bowl though not a popular brand are great plastic collections that fits any kitchen that relates aesthetics and performance. These bowls are designed typically to perform above the average plastic and can withstand everyday rugged usage.

The beautiful Kukpo plastic bowl comes in three useful size ranging from 1.8, 3.6, and 6.5quarts, making it fit all categories of mix need. These bowls are constructed with a rubberized handles that guarantees a firm grip of the bowl especially for elderly and kids, and it’s rubber bottom is resistant to skidding or slipping on counter tops during whisking, tossing and mixing .

These stylish, shinny bowls are easy to use and safe for cleanup both by hands and dishwasher.
CAVEAT: Not microwave safe and absorb odours after long period.

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#8. Chefland set of 6 standard mixing bowl.

Cheland steel mixing bowls
Chefland steel mixing bowl of 6

If you are looking for a mixing bowl which can serve and satisfy the purpose of mixing muffins in sizes. And as well measure out a seasoning mix, fold batter, knead dough, or melt chocolate without “incident” this is the set fitting required.

Read more review chefland set of 6 standard bowl on Amazon.

These Chefland bowls are designed for satisfaction, durability and beauty. It is made of an attractive mirrored exterior and grade 18/8 stainless steel to ensure attractive presentation and high quality strength. Chefland metals are constructed to withstand rugged usage without undue damage. It is a set of 6 steel bowls of essential sizes of o.75, 1.5, 3,4, 5 and 8 quarts suitable for all culinary mixing need. The number of bowls does not affect the storage space, as it bowls bowl nest perfectly for storage.

sturdy base of chefland bowl

This kitchen charming bowls has a flat, silicone bottom that ensures the bowl does not dance around during mixing. Also comes a curved lip, which ensures a firm grip of bowl. Also Cleaning is never an issue with this bowl, as it is dishwasher safe and retains it shinny look after cleaning.

The downside of this bowl is the absence of lid, which makes it not safe for storage.

#9. Belware Stainless Steel bowls. Best steel multipurpose bowl.

Best steel bowl
Belware steel bowls

Belware steel bowls meets all needs for a steel bowl and included 3 grater attachments. So if you want that bowl that represents all culinary needs and grate as well, this bowl should be considered .

A look at this bowl may seem not usual, that a mixing bowl comes with a grater attachments that fits with the lid of the bowls. You might agree with me that in most mixing scenario you will need a grater, like an instance of a cheese, you grate the cheese over a bowl that is either under or over sized, which gives a whole lot of concern and discomfort. But in such instance the Belware mixing bowl makes the job easier.

This durable, beautiful and versatile bowl set, comes in a set of 3 essential sizes (1.5, 3, and 5 quarts). The Belware comes with each bowl having a rubber grip handle and bottom for stable mix at counter tops.
The Belware steel bowl is designed with a quart and litre marking, for ease at mix measurements also an inbuilt pour sprout which ensure no spill during pouring. This stackable bowls are dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer safer

CAVEAT: The belware bowl is not microwave

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#10. Bellemain Stainless Steel Bowl. Best mixing bowl set.

Best mixing bowls for hand mixers

The Bellemain stainless steel mixing bowl is our pick for the best mixing bowl set for hand mixers. These bowls are step above the conventional mixing bowl. These Bellemain mixing bowls comes in classy, beautiful and functional extra features which includes tight fitting BPA-free silicone lids .

The grade of the stainless steel enables the bowls to function optimal at temperature of 390° and down to freezing. Designed with an etched volume measurement inside the bowl, which features the bowl to function as a measuring cup. The rolled edges of these bowls are smooth for comfort and safety.

This gorgeous 4 piece stainless steel bowl has varying sizes that suit every mix need. These includes (1, 1.5, 3, and 5 quart ) all sizes with tight fitted lids, Which ensures food are stored and kept fresh for a long time.

This bowls are easy to handle and stable at counter tops due to its non slip silicone coated base. Also Cleaning is not an issue with Bowls as it is dishwasher safe.