Best Electric Tea Kettle With Programmable Timer

Whether you’re an avid tea drinker or an occasional sipper, having an efficient way to boil water is essential. Electric kettles provide a quick and convenient solution for heating water right at home. With advanced electric kettles now featuring built-in timers, you can customize and automate your tea brewing.

The best electric tea kettle with programmable timer allows you to preset brew times and temperatures for the perfect cup every time. No more guessing when your tea is ready or fumbling with stovetop kettles. Let technology take over!

In this guide, we’ll compare the top-rated electric tea kettle with programmable timer on the market. We’ll cover all the key features, pros and cons, and things to look for when buying an electric kettle with a timer. Read our picks for the Best Electric Tea Kettle with Programmable Timer.


Top Picks Features Priority
COSORI Electric Kettle
  • Bluetooth app connectivity
  • 11 customizable presets
  • Precision temperature control
Best Overall 
Mueller Electric Kettle
  • Fully programmable time and temp
  • 24-hour delay start timer
  • 8 presets + custom temp setting
Most Customizable
Ovente Electric Kettle
  • 5 preset temperature options
  • 30 minute keep warm
  • Easy one-touch controls
Most Affordable


Best Electric Tea Kettle with Programmable Timer

With the rise in loose-leaf teas and the need for precise temperature control, advanced electric kettles with programmable features are becoming quite popular. Here are our top picks:

1. COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle 

Best Electric Tea Kettle With Programmable Timer

The COSORI Electric Kettle is our top choice for the best overall electric tea kettle with programmable timer. It has a minimalist design and tons of pre-programmed features.

This kettle connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to allow customization of temperature, timers, and keep-warm settings. It comes with 11 preset options for different tea, coffee, and more types. You can also set your preset temperatures between 104-212°F.

Other convenient features include a “Keep Warm” function that holds water at your desired temperature for up to 2 hours, a brew timer that counts up after reaching temperature, and a Delay Start timer that can be set up to 12 hours in advance.

The COSORI kettle has a 0.8-litre capacity and a concealed heating element for fast boiling. It’s made from food-grade 304 stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. Safety features include auto shutoff and boil-dry protection.

Overall, the COSORI Electric Kettle earns high marks for its versatility and customization options. The Bluetooth connectivity and presets make it easy to achieve your optimal cup of tea every time.


  • Bluetooth connectivity and app control
  • 11 preset temperatures for different beverages
  • Customizable keep warm and start timer settings
  • Concealed heating element for fast boiling
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • App functionality can have bugs
  • Higher price point

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2. OVENTE Glass Electric Kettle

The Ovente Electric Kettle is a great budget-friendly option for  electric tea kettle with programmable timer. It has 1-touch temperature controls for different types of beverages.

This 1.5-liter glass kettle has 5 preset heat settings labeled on the base – 104°F, 140°F, 175°F, 190°F, and 212°F. These presets are convenient for green, white, oolong, coffee, and boiling water.

The Ovente kettle will beep when the set temperature is reached. It also has a 30-minute keep warm function to hold the temperature. Other features include a water-level window, flip-open lid, 360° swivel base, and a heat-resistant non-slip handle.

For safety, the Ovente kettle has auto shutoff, boil-dry protection, and a cool touch body. It’s made from SCHOTT DURAN German glass with a stainless steel concealed heating element.

This an affordable and easy-to-use electric kettle with the most popular pre-programmed temperature options. The glass construction allows you to watch the boiling process too.


  • 5 pre-programmed temperature options
  • 30-minute keep warm function
  • Affordable price
  • Glass construction allows for viewing
  • 360° swivel base


  • No app or Bluetooth controls
  • Glass may stain over time

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3. Mueller Austria Ultra Kettle

If you want maximum functionality, the Mueller Austria Ultra Kettle is a top choice. It has an advanced microprocessor controller that allows you to fully customize time and temperature settings.

This kettle has multiple programmable features. You can set the start time up to 24 hours before the delayed start timer. The keep-warm function holds the temperature for up to 4 hours. For the heat timer, you can select the duration for which the kettle maintains the set temperature after shutting off.

Additionally, you can choose from 8 temperature presets ranging from 135°F to 212°F. The options are labeled for delicate tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, coffee, black tea, herbal tea, and boiling. There is also a custom setting to pick your precise temperature.

Other great features of this 1.8-litre kettle include the stainless steel construction, concealed heating element, LED display panel, and boil dry protection. It brings water to a rolling boil in just minutes.

With its high level of customization and precision, the Mueller Premium Kettle is ideal for tea or coffee enthusiasts who want maximum control over their brewing.


  • Fully customizable time and temp controls
  • 24-hour delay start timer
  • 8 preset temperatures + custom setting
  • 4-hour keep warm function
  • Precise temperature selections
  • Durable stainless steel design


  • Complex programming could be confusing
  • Higher price tag

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4. Chefman Digital Electric Glass Kettle

The Chefman Digital Electric Glass Kettle is another great option for a programmable tea kettle. This 1.5-liter model has a glass and stainless steel design.

It includes 8 preset temperature options – 160°F, 175°F, 185°F, 190°F, 200°F, 210°F, boiling, and keep warm. You can customize and set your own precise temperature too.

Convenient features include the removable tea infuser, a digital display of real-time temperature, a countdown timer when heating, and auto-shutoff. The keep-warm function holds the temperature for up to 60 minutes.

This kettle has a lift-off lid, water level markings, and a washable limescale filter. The glass body allows you to view the boiling process.

Overall, the Chefman Digital Kettle provides versatility with the presets, custom temperatures, and included tea infuser. The glass design and digital display add functionality. It’s an excellent mid-range choice for tea and coffee lovers.


  • 8 presets plus custom temperature settings
  • Tea infuser included
  • Digital display of real-time temps
  • Glass design for viewing


  • Glass may be prone to breaking
  • Smaller 1.5-liter capacity

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5. Hamilton Beach 41020C Electric Tea Kettle

 The Hamilton Beach 41020C is a temperature-control kettle with preset options for different types of tea and coffee. This 1.7-litre stainless steel kettle has 1500 watts of power for fast heating.

It has 5 preset temperatures – 160°F for delicate tea, 175°F for green tea, 185°F for white tea, 200°F for coffee, and 212°F for boiling water. There is also a keep-warm setting.

Once the water reaches your preset temperature, the kettle will automatically shut off. Then an audible alert will sound to notify your tea or coffee is ready.

Other useful features include the cordless 360° swivel base for easy pouring, water level window, automatic shutoff, and boil dry protection. There is a removable mesh filter inside as well.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle provides convenient presets for simplified brewing. The fast boiling and keep warm function make achieving your desired cup of tea or coffee easy.


  • 5 preset temperature options
  • Keep warm setting
  • Audible alert when ready
  • Fast 1500-watt heating
  • Cordless swivel base


  • No ability to customize specific temperatures
  • Smaller 1.7-liter capacity

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6. Cuisinart 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle


The Cuisinart 1.7-Liter kettle has 6 preset temperature options for the optimal cup of coffee or tea. It’s made from premium stainless steel for durability.

This kettle has a one-touch control panel with options for 160°F, 175°F, 185°F, 190°F, 200°F, and boiling. The LCD shows you the real-time temperature as it heats up.

Once your preset temperature is reached, the kettle will beep 3 times. There is also a 2-minute keep warm function that maintains your desired temp.

Other useful features include the 30-minute memory function that recalls your last preset, 1500 watts for fast boiling, 360° swivel power base, and boil dry protection with auto-shutoff.

This Cuisinart kettle provides precision temperature control with 6 presets and a keep-warm function in a stylish stainless steel package. It’s perfect for pouring over coffee and loose-leaf tea.

  • Pros:
  • 6 temperature preset options
  • Real-time LCD temperature display
  • 30-minute keep warm function
  • Memory recalls the last preset
  • Fast boiling 1500 watts


  • The bulky base takes up counter space

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Buying Considerations for the Best Electric Tea Kettle with Programmable Timer

With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which programmable electric kettle suits your needs. Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for an electric tea kettle with a timer:

Desired Features: Make a list of must-have features like keep warm mode, delay start, app connectivity, etc. prioritize what’s important.

Temperature Presets: Many models have pre-programmed temps for green tea, coffee, etc. Consider how many you need.

Customization: Some kettles allow you to set specific temperatures. This is ideal for pour-over coffee or fine tea brewing.

Capacity: Standard electric kettles hold 1.5-1.7 litres. Determine how much water you typically need to boil.

Ease of Use: Look for simple and intuitive controls. You don’t want programming to be a hassle.

Durability: Stainless steel kettles are the most durable option for long-term use.

Safety Features: Auto shutoff and boil dry protection are must-have safety features.

Warranty: Aim for at least a 1-year limited warranty to cover defects.

Using Your Programmable Electric Kettle

Once you’ve chosen the perfect programmable electric kettle, it’s time to start using it for better tea and coffee. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your new kettle:

  • Read the manual thoroughly to understand all the features and customization options. Program any presets or schedules you plan to use regularly.
  • Experiment with the different temperature settings. Use lower temperatures for green and white teas. Boil water at 200-205°F to pour over coffee.
  • Use the keep warm function to maintain the ideal temperature for steeping loose-leaf tea multiple times.
  • Set a timer for the desired steeping time for different teas so you know when they’re ready.
  • Activate the delay start timer at night so you wake up to hot water ready for tea or coffee.
  • Descale the kettle monthly depending on your water hardness to prevent mineral buildup. Use distilled white vinegar.
  • Buy a fine mesh infuser to brew loose-leaf teas. You can remove the infuser easily when done steeping.
  • Be sure to keep the kettle clean by periodic descaling and washing out after use before water dries.

Final Takeaways:

Finding the best electric tea kettle with a programmable timer ultimately comes down to your brewing priorities and budget. Any of our top picks will serve you well.

The COSORI Electric Kettle is your best bet for high-end customisation. It has mobile app connectivity. Numerous presets and customizable settings. The Mueller Premium Kettle is also highly programmable.

The Ovente Kettle provides temperature presets if you need the basics at a budget price point. For simplicity, the Hamilton Beach Kettle has automatic shutoff at preset temps.

Be sure to factor in capacity, durability, ease of use, safety certifications, and warranty when purchasing. Take advantage of the programmable features to make the perfect cup of tea or coffee with precision.

With your new electric kettle, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Never struggle with steeping tea or boiling water again. Have any other questions about programmable electric kettles? Let us know in the comments.

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