How to Clean a Roasting Pan

Do you want to know how to clean a roasting pan ? Well keep reading this post, because we will walk you through step-by-step on  how to clean a burnt roasting pan even if you’ve not cleaned a pan before.

Roasting pans these days seem to be a must in every house hold because of there versatility and ease of use.

These piece of metal tools)(mostly made of stainless steel) can be used for roasting meat in an oven, either with or without vegetables or other ingredients, we recommend you also checkout our review on the best roasting pan for vegetables.

With time, you will start noticing that  these shiny adorable instruments start accumulating gunk and burnt junk mostly from grease and other materials used during roasting exercises and this is where the issue begins for most people, the question that  comes to mind is “how to clean a roasting pan ?”  , well don’t fret because we have you covered in this review.

As overwhelming as it seems, you may be surprised to know that You don’t really need much ingredients to get your roasting pan looking sparkling clean and new again,  so with all of these said, how do we go about it ?

How to clean a roasting pan 

how to clean a roasting pan

You most likely have come across the phrase “a stitch in time saves nine” but what does that have to do with cleaning a roasting pan ?Surprise! it does have somthing to do with our topic.

Truth is, if you know how to clean and maintain a roasting pan after each use, you will be saving yourself  ton of time , energy and resources involved in  cleaning an already burnt roasting pan.

So, before we delve into how to actually clean a burnt roasting pan lets deal with how to clean (maintain) a roasting pan.

Ready, Lets go …

After every use of your roasting pan, you need to wash  the pan immediately, especially when you notice those brown spots on the pans (like those little brown circles that appear after  making roasted potatoes). 

But how do we go about this process ? Its simple, Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Allow your pan to cool to room temperature
  • Rinse it gently with warm water and a non-abrasive sponge.
  • Let the pan soak in warm water for about an hour
  • Start scrubbing again
  • Repeat the process, until you’ve blasted all those stuck-on spots

How do you cleanse a burnt Roasting pan (using  vinegar and roasting  soda) ?

how to clean a roasting pan

No matter how diligent you are in cleaning your roasting pan  after each use, chances are, you’ll still experience those burnt-on black spots after an extensive duration of use . Although this spots may seem overwhelming,  there is no need to fret because with only a few pantry staples, you can quickly get your pan back in shape (LOL)

Take some roasting  soda, put it and sprinkle it in the pan just in the bottom of the pan and you can do this actually in your oven to clean your oven and well  it’s the same tip, well back to  the roasting pans,  what you’re going to do next  is you’re going to spray it with vinegar.

At this point, you will start noticing some “foaming up” what is actually taking place is that the mixture is combining the roasting  soda (which if you think about it is a natural lifter), it’s going to lift the dirt up off the pan with an acid.

The vinegar is a natural acid so the two things working together are going to work on the buildup of your pan.

You’ll start noticing some bubbling and fizzing in your pan, now the next thing is you can leave this for an hour and then start srcubbing or if you want, you can let it rest overnight, for me I always scrub after the first hour.

You can start to scrub it rightaway with that combo and then  sprinkle a little more roasting  soda and pour a little more vinegar in there.

Another appraoch is that you can let it sit overnight and what will happen is, those two things working together are going to lift all the stains in the build up off of the pan.

What you can do too is if it’s been sitting overnight it starts to look a little dry just keep spritzing it with a little more vinegar and you’ll see again it  just will start to foam up even more.

So just leave it sit on the counter top put it even in the oven just let it sit don’t turn the oven on and just let it sit inside there and then in the morning it’ll just wipe right away, so that’s my tip on how to clean your roasting  pan with just vinegar and roasting  soda.

Best way to clean a roasting pan

To remove stubborn stains from a roasting pan, we recommend you first of all try the method outlined above, that is, soaking the pan with a baking soda and vinegar mixture for an hour before scrubbing.

If that does not take your stains away off of your roasting pan, you’ll want to create a more aggressive cleaning paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

So how do we go about this, simple too. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Combine 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl and stir together until the paste is thickened.
  • If the paste feels too thick, add more hydrogen peroxide by the teaspoon. If it’s too runny, add more baking soda by the tablespoon.
  • Spread the paste on the stains, then wait about 4 hours, you may also choose to leave it overnight.
  • Wipe away the paste with a sponge, then rinse as you normally would, Voila.You will notice that your pan is back to its sparkling nature and ready for another series of use,  but as recommended above, ensure you clean you pan after each use.

This method is also the best way to clean a roasting pan in under five minutes—rinse it with hot, soapy water, then coat it in the paste and wait 5 minutes. 

4 tips and tricks to keep your roasting pan clean

Yeah, its true that we’ve guided you on how to clean your burnt roasting pan back to sparkling clean status but hey,  unless you enjoy mixing baking soda and vinegar or hydrogen peroxide all the time, you should definitely be looking out for tips and tricks to keep your pan as clean as possible without really doing any big work. 

So, we’ve provided you with three tips and tricks to keep your roasting pan clean, alright.

Lets go over them…

  • Use parchment paper or Aluminium foil during roastin:g  Before you load your baking tray or roasting pan (as the case may be), we recommend you place down a layer of aluminum foil or parchment paper so as to hold the juices in place and stop your meats from browning your tray.
  • Wash and Rinse Pans after each use: If you’ve been following along the article, you may have noticed that the very first tip we gave was that you should always wash and rince your roasing pans after each use. After every use of your roasting pan, you need to wash  the pan immediately, especially when you notice those brown spots on the pans (like those little brown circles that appear after  making roasted potatoes). To see the step by step process on how to do this, check out the first heading in this article.
  • Never put your roasting pan in the dishwasher:  It may seem appealing and very easy to put your roasting pan into the dishwasher but this only shortens the longevity and strengh of your pan. Even though the  roasting pans  themselves may be stainless steel, the racks that come with them are often just chrome-plated steel, which can wear off over time and rust, and may not be dishwasher  safe. 
  • Polish your roasting pan once a year: We recommend you polish your roasting pan at least once in a year. Choose a premium dish polisher, like the Therapy cleaner and polish, and render your roasting pan a little extra tender loving care.

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