How to Make Chocolate Fondue Without a Fondue Pot

Often, a lot of people who have tasted a fondue once — especially the chocolate one — would usually want to continue having it frequently.

In fact, many people find themselves thinking about whether it is possible to make it at home so that they can avoid visiting restaurants to get it every time.

Also, some people tend to ask How to Make Chocolate Fondue Without a Fondue Pot. I don’t even have to use other people as an instance. You’re very likely to be reading this article because you have found yourself getting fond of fondues, and you may have been asking yourself how to make Fondue without fondue pot.

This article will teach you how to make chocolate fondue without a fondue pot at home.

How to make chocolate fondue without a fondue pot?

How to Make Chocolate Fondue Without a Fondue Pot

Ingredients needed

The major ingredients needed to make a fondue include:

* Chocolate bars or powder

* Milk

* Fresh cream

* Butter

* Honey or sugar (optional)

How to Prepare it

* Place your frying pan, crockpot, or any other kind of pot you intend to use on a stove or cooker. Remember that you won’t need too much heat for this; you only need gentle heat.

* When the pot heats up, pour about ¼ cup of milk into the pot.

* Add about 150g of fresh cream into the pot.

* Now mix them together and leave it for a while to heat.

* (Optionally, you can add a teaspoon of sugar or honey to enhance the sweetness in the Fondue).

* Now, add your chocolate, turn off the heat and start stirring. Do that until the chocolate melts and mixes with the milk and cream.

(You may also leave the fire to burn little by a little while stirring it).

* After a little while, add butter and stir it again until everything mixes very well.

* Leave it for about 20 seconds to heat well.

* Now, your pot can be removed from the heat source with your fondue ready to be enjoyed by your friends and family (or yourself). Haha!!

You can try eating the Fondue with your favorite fruits, bread, or cakes. You may also accompany the Fondue with a freshly made salad to give you an additional paradise-like taste and feel.

Meanwhile, you can also try adding different kinds of flavor to improve the taste of the Fondue, such as a Chilli pepper or cinnamon to give it a peppery taste. (That is if you are someone who likes peppery foods).

NOTE: you need to occasionally stir the Fondue in the pot to prevent it from getting cold and sticky.


Can I make Fondue at home?

Fortunately, you don’t have to visit a restaurant to buy your chocolate fondues again as they can be prepared right from your home.

Recently, the number of people who make chocolate fondue from home has increased; many now enjoy Fondue with or without fondue makers at home.

Do I need to have a fondue pot to make Fondue?

You don’t necessarily need a fondue pot to make a fondue dish, as you can make use of your pan or crockpot to prepare it. Besides that, some fondue pots don’t do well in making fondues.

However, using a good fondue pot will help you get the Fondue done very quickly, and you will reduce the roughness of the dish. In addition to that, using a fondue pot will add an extra flair to the experience.

How to Serve Fondue without a fondue pot

You can pour the already prepared Fondue into a large-sized, thick, and clean bowl from which everyone can enjoy the dish. Conversely, you can eat the Fondue right from the pot you’ve used for preparing it.

Also, you can have small cups or plates prepared, which will be used to dish out the Fondue to your friends or family. So, everyone can enjoy the Fondue from their own plate without everyone having to eat from the same pot.

How to Thicken Chocolate fondue

You need to pour cornstarch into a bowl and start adding whipping cream into the cornstarch little by little while whisking them together.

After mixing enough, add the whisked mixture into your chocolate already in a pot placed over low heat. Now, whisk them all together in the pot until the color of everything becomes the same.

What kind of chocolate can I use for Fondue?

There are seven well-known kinds of chocolates: raw chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, ruby chocolate, and caramelized white chocolate.

Literally, anyone you choose can do the job. However, I suggest you use dark chocolate whenever you want to make fondues.

Can chocolate fondue be reheated?

If it seems like your chocolate fondue is no longer warm or hot, you can reheat it. But make sure you reheat it with low heat so that the heat will be evenly distributed into the pot to make the Fondue warm and avoid having warm and cold spots in the Fondue.

Does refrigerating chocolate fondue ruin it?

No. Refrigerating your leftover fondues is rather an excellent way to experience another wonderful taste that chocolate fondues can give.

Refrigerated chocolate fondues results in the hardening of the already melted Fondue. This Fondue can be eaten with a spoon, like solid food, since it has become concrete.

How long can I refrigerate chocolate fondue?

You can keep your Fondue refrigerated for about two weeks, provided you ensure that the Fondue is well preserved in an airtight container. Otherwise, the chocolate may become soft and sticky, which may cause it to get spoilt.

Can I fix split chocolate fondue?

Yes, you can. Adding some cream to the chocolate while stirring is one way to remove the split from the Fondue. You may also add water to increase the liquid level and totally remove the split.

Why is my chocolate fondue clumpy?

The constituents of chocolate, such as sugar and cocoa powder, get dispersed evenly when it is melted. However, when a little amount of moisture is allowed to enter, there will be clumps created by liquid and sugar coming together.

Can chocolate fondue be saved up for the future?

In most cases, yes, chocolate fondue can be saved for future use. For instance, you can make a fondue dish today and store it up to be used after five days.

However, it is very likely that the best medium for storing the Fondue is by using the refrigerator. As a matter of fact, refrigerating it is a sure way to save up the Fondue for up to a month.

Whenever you need to eat it, you can bring it out and warm it in a very gentle fire to make it return to its original crispy and smooth form.

How to know the best chocolate for melting?

Although you may know that all chocolates melt almost very quickly (and some even melt while you hold them), not all of them melt very quickly.

Sometimes, when a bar of chocolate melts, its appearance may not be appealing. For instance, it may look like it has chalky properties in it.

In addition, some may not be very smooth to work with when melted. Some may not even be all that good for dipping your fruits into after being melted for your Fondue.

In any case, good chocolate for this kind of thing would melt at a lower temperature and also have a smoother texture if it is melted properly.

More so, chocolates that are best fit for melting usually have a smoother texture when they get hardened.

How to keep my Fondue from getting burnt

One great way to prevent your Fondue from getting partially or fully burnt is to remove the Fondue from the fire while the ingredients have not fully been dissolved and melted. Then you would start stirring while it is still hot to make it melt faster without burning (since it is no longer on fire.

What are the most popular kinds of fondue dishes?

If you have tried chocolate fondue, it’s possible that you would love to try out the other types, asides from chocolate fondue. I’ve listed the most popular fondue dishes below if you think you would love to do that.

* Cheese fondue: It is a Swiss dish made primarily with cheese and usually served with bread or boiled potatoes.

* Oil (meat) fondue: This type of Fondue also originated in Switzerland. Beef is usually used as a major ingredient in this dish.

* Boiled wine fondue: This type of Fondue is made by dipping meat, fish, and vegetables into a boiled wine. Flavors such as white pepper and cinnamon are usually added to them.

* Tomato fondue: It is considered to be very popular, especially in Switzerland. Tomatoes, cheese, butter, and some other ingredients constitute what is used in making this Fondue.


A good way to top up your standard meal once in a while is to opt for a chocolate fondue dish. You have seen how to make fondues and serve them without using a fondue pot in this article.

Now, you should be able to make your Fondue for family and friends’ pleasure without a fondue maker.


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